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Which web browser do you prefer?


Not enough polls in here IMO :slight_smile:

So, instead of asking which web browser do you use, this poll asks which web browser do you prefer. It's still a multi-choice poll.

I prefer Firefox and use it at home, while at work I'm currently stuck with Chrome for compatibility with various stuff.

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera
  • Vivaldi
  • Other

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Statistically interesting poll..... :grinning:


Yeah, the Discourse's poll functionality is weird, it also sometimes displays the options alphabetically and sometimes in order they are originally defined and sometimes seemingly random.

About statistics, I guess it could somehow be a result of multiple choices being enabled. We'll see how it behaves in some single-choice poll in the future :slight_smile:


Here using Chrome for work and mostly Yandex for personal use on mobile (Android), Windows and macOS.

Yandex has everything I need. Lots of features, stable, great clean interface, and it's as fast as Chrome and also can sync tabs with the mobile version, plus support for both Opera and Chrome extensions. Even the mobile version has support for extensions.

Some nice additional features are (mostly compared to Chrome):

  • Video Pop-out (like Opera but better implementation)
  • it can immediately take you back when you opened the browser from another application (like a link from a pdf or from an email in Outlook). It shows the applications name on the browsers back button.
  • really nice New Tab page in my opinion
  • also pops up your favorite sites when you click in the address bar (like Safari on macOS does)
  • very great feature that i like is to show bookmarks bar ONLY on the new tab page, so you have all booksmarks ready on a new tab and also when you just click the address bar
  • you see started and completed downloads in the top bar (instead of a separate bar that opens up in chrome)
  • also you don't need to go in a submenu to view your recent downloads since you have a dedicated button for it

Would really love to hear some of your reasons for sticking with a specific browser or if it's just being accustomed to it :sunglasses:


Firefox, in some four different flavors.

Chromium has some cool features which I miss, but since they purposely prevent it from being fully portable (to force the user to sign-in), I refuse to use it.


I'm still using Vivaldi 1.3 as the main browser, because all newer versions have blurred fonts, due to removal of the directwrite function. I can't understand, why people buy 4K monitors, but then use blurry browsers, like Opera, too. Once i was using Opera for years, but they have gone the same wrong way.


The smaller the pixels get, the less it matters which type of antialiasing is used, since you can't see the pixels as easily and the amount of aliasing they have to correct is much smaller. (At least for fonts.)


Very interesting, because i had exactly the same thought. But was not sure. I would have tried it, but i also know, that Vivaldi had prevented any attempt to install a parallel version. When i tried it, it changed the engine of the other installation as well, plus made it almost impossible to just roll back to the other version. But thanks, i will do some research, & give it maybe one more try, as i am interested in improvements, of course. If it would turn out, that the font smoothing is bearable, why not?


I made some backup of my system, before i tried, wisely. So, i'm back on my old system, because i can't get used to even the slightest grade of blurryness. As i mentioned before, Vivaldi didn't allow me to make a second install, without touching the other one. :roll_eyes: That's a very bad design. I will stick to the old version, until something better comes up, hopefully.


Changed my vote from Firefox to Chrome, albeit, to be specific, I use a Chromium portable build. Finally found one truly portable.

Lately I have been delving more and more into userscripts and wishing browsers were as scriptable as Opus, so that I could do things like move tabs, close tabs and easily call external programs. Maybe extensions can do that? Going to have to investigate.