White flash in the viewer pane when clicking different files?

Had a question that I can't seem to resolve

Basically, I have my file viewer configured and it all works correctly, displays the appropriate viewer for file type, I have a number of viewers installed and enabled, that all works fine.

I have Opus running in a "dark mode" so the windows are mostly Dark grey with white text, this includes the File viewer.
Of course, if I, say, view a PDF, well, if the PDF background is white, then the viewer has a white background. That's fine.

But here's what's weird.

When I click between files of different types, clearly the existing viewer gets unloaded and a new viewer get's loaded to view the new filetype.

HOWEVER, there's a brief flash of solid white when that happens.

I've checked the colors settings in Opus and every color I can find that has anything to do with the file viewer is set to dark grey.

I'm not sure whether the issue is a DOPUS issue, or whether that's just some artifact of the way the Windows Previewer architecture works.

note that this is the file previewer pane, NOT the main lister, tree etc. I came across this post from way back talking about how the lister would flash, but that's not what's happening here.

Not a huge problem, but if there's a solution, I'd love to figure it out!

And Merry Christmas!

What kind(s) of files are you flicking between?

For instance, PDFs and JPG, or PNG.
Interestingly, if I just click between JPG and PNG, or other image formats, I don't see any white flash. I'm guessing it's because just a single "viewer" is involved in that case?

Also, the white flash is not really really visible if I've got Dopus setup in normal mode (as opposed to dark mode) where the Backcolor of the File Viewer is set to white. In my case, it's set to a Dark grey, which it does honor, it just flashes white momentarily beforehand.

PDFs are displayed via the system's PDF viewer, so the flash you're seeing may be from it as it shuts down.

I see a similar flash with the Microsoft PDF viewer here (jumping from a PDF to a BMP file), but it's also the same in File Explorer's viewer pane, so I'd say it's likely the viewer, not Opus (or Explorer).

Yes, I'm seeing the same thing.
Guess it's just the way it is. :frowning:
Thanks for looking just the same.

Havea Merry Christmas!