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Who are the wizards behind Directory Opus?


I have always wondered who the people are behind the names of DO. Could you please write a short bio about yourselves and maybe a picture to go with the name.

My intention is certainly not to pry, but I am interested in the people that make DO happen.



P.S here is some info about myself...

I live in South Africa, in Cape Town. I am a passionate software Dev doing cool stuff in Mobile.

When not working on Opus :opusicon:, I :opusleo: am a super spy :male_detective: working on behalf of :crown: Her Majesty's Secret Service :guardsman: and... :scream: oh, I've already said too much. :zipper_mouth_face:

:fire: burns everything :fire:


But you work on Opus 24/7 it seems :laughing:

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24/7 feels like a rather conservative estimate :wink:


Wait. What happened to the cat(s)? Weren't there cats in your <<redacted>> file before?

Cats write some of the code, it's true.



I keep tabs on Leo, but he does not post much or I am missing his most active profiles. The ones I know:

Google | Search | Pretentious Name,sbd:1
Pretentious Name | Blog
Reddit | User | Leo Davidson
Stack Overflow | Leo Davidson

Don't know much about the others. I would keep tabs on them too, but I haven't seen them around where I visit.

@andersonnnunes there's a fine line between keeping tabs and stalking... :smiley:

Actually, in the earlier DOpus days I got some great insight from Leo's blog!

@Jon's a recluse and @Greg is just generally elusive.

Jon's out there if you search hard enough :slight_smile:

As for Greg, I guess you're better off searching on poetry sites.

If you hang about long enough, you may see Leo appearing at the bottom of the page :laughing: