Whoa, what happened to my file type colors?

Since i updated to the new beta all file type color are completely gone! Worse than that, the
whole thing seems to having been completely removed from the settings! What is going on?

Are they definitely gone and not just in a different place in the list of File And Folder Labels?

There was a bug in the way the list was sorted before, so things may have moved around in the new version but nothing should have been removed.

As far as i remember, the color settings were present for each file type group, in their respective settings locations.
But now there is none. & yes, they seem to be completely gone, for all file types. For example, all exe type file
were red, music files dark blue, images green & so on.

Anyway, the setting weren´t in the file & folder labels section, but in the file types group.

Colours have been gone from File Type Groups since version 10 came out.

Thanks Jon for clarifying this. Anyway, i have found a better backup (so it was basically my mistake, because i used one much too old backup from January 2011),
, which also restored the colors. So there must be a place to set them, if that can be restored?!

In Opus 10 they are set in File And Folder Labels, as I hinted earlier. :slight_smile: You can apply labels (colors) to wildcards like *.jpg.

O-k, so that was where i set it. Yes, now i remember. It´s better anyway, because now we can arrange the colors independently from the file type groups.
Thanks a lot! :thumbsup:

I recently upgraded to DOpus 10, and I just realized why I'm having a harder time finding my files than in DOpus 9 - all the filename colors are gone. A quick search of the manual showed me why, and a search of this forum brought me to this thread.

First of all, I think that if the intention of File And Folder Labels was to replace the color feature of File Types, it would have been very helpful for DOpus 10 to have done an automatic conversion of the File Type colors to File And Folder Labels. I'm sure it would have saved many users a whole lot of time.

However, I would also like to question the elimination of colors from File Types. As has been pointed out, File And Folder Labels are a more flexible approach. However, for many people (such as myself), the old File Type colors were much easier to use, especially since they allowed assigning colors to whole classes of files at once in a way that File And Folder Labels does not permit. So each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Why not keep both? If there's a conflict between the two for any particular file, the setting in File And Folder Labels would take precedence, as its settings are more specific. But I think that bringing back the File Type colors would be very popular with many people, and it shouldn't be very hard to do at all - I assume you still have the old code around.

It occurred to me that rather than maintain two separate systems, you could have all the convenience of the old File Type color system simply by having a variable exist where the variable's name is based on the name of the File Type. This variable name could then be used in the file specification for File And Folder Labels. So all the filename coloring would remain in one place, where it currently is. Yet this would have the advantage for people who color their filenames by file type that any addition to an existing file type would automatically be colored properly, just as it was before DOpus 10.

You can use grp:Documents, grp:Images, and similar as a wildcard to match file type groups, and simple patterns like *.(jpg|jpeg) to match the rare filetypes where you care about more than one extension. I don't think anything really needs adding here, myself.

You're right, your example accomplishes exactly what I want to do. I was simply unaware of the "grp:" syntax. But now that I know about it, I see that it is documented on the section on wildcards. And it's even mentioned in the "What's New" document, which I'm in the process of reading; I just hadn't gotten that far...