Why does deleting items when synchronizing take so long?

I'm not sure if this is a bug or what's happening here. I'm on the latest version of windows 10 and dopus but for some reason when deleting pictures during a synchronization (USB3-connected external hardrive to USB3 external harddrive) dopus goes incredibly slow:


I have an intel core i5 @ 4.10 GhZ and 64gb of RAM.

That deletion is being done by Windows not Opus, since it's using the Recycle Bin. (That's a Windows progress dialog, not one Opus itself displays.)

If you tell Opus not to use the Recycle Bin in Preferences / File Operations / Deleting Files, it may be faster, depending on what it is about deleting files on that drive that is making things slow.

Oh I should have said that I knew it was a Windows dialog, but opus opened it. I'll look in to the settings.

Thanks Leo, I didn't know about the opus deletion option. I'll try that with the next batch of files.