Why does the folder format/"style" reset when changing folders?

I am puzzled.

  1. I have pre-defined "styles" - one with detailed mode and one with reverse sorted thumbnails
  2. So i enable that "style" with reversed thumbnails and go to some sub-folder.
  3. Now i have default Lister format (detailed mode for me) instead of reversed thumbnails.
  4. I can only maintain parent folder format/"style" if i click on a Padlock...
  5. (i found this option) I also noticed that the folder format is saved somewhere, since I can see that it is restored even if I leave the sub-folder and exit DOpus and then navigate back to the same sub-folder...

It was not the case in v12, maybe it is just bugged? Or some different style logic is applied in v13? :melting_face:

What you're seeing is most probably due to Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats / Automatic Formats.

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I assume it is because if this settings, but why? I do have pre-defined format in my reversed thumbnails "style".

Woo i "fixed" it by turning this off.
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I thought it was fixed, but it went back to this new behavior. Something is fishy here...

If you go into a subfolder that has a different format to the parent, it's going to change to that format.

If you want a style that overrides the normal format (for both parent and children), you'll need it to turn on the format lock for that to work through folder changes. Styles can change the format lock automatically if needed.

(If you always want those folders to be displayed in that way, then a simple path format will do, and the style need not override anything.)