Why I can't see the thumbnail of compressed file


I can't see a thumbnail of the compressed files(Zip&RAR) with the folder.

Help me.

That's normal. Folder thumbnails, at least ones Opus generates itself (the zip files in this case) only show things directly below the folder.

I think ones generated by the shell (the folder in this case) are the same, but that's up to Windows and could always change or be different to what I assume it is. (It could be very slow to do a fully recursive look for files though.)

They don't recursively search the entire hierarchy until they find an image file (except for Comic Book archives in the next update, which are a special exception and always fully recursive until they find the first image file).

I can't understand.
The compressed file only have one a folder.
No several folder, Just One folder.
The opus can't see the thumbnail of the folder.
What can I do fot solvig this problems.
Thank you.

Folders don't have thumbnails of their own. Opus will generate a thumbnail of a folder or archive by looking at the files within it at the top level. It doesn't go into sub-folders.

I got it.
At the next update, I look forward to it.

Thanks for your response.