Why I get wrong files with these pattern

I used these conditions but the app show files with sizes like 500mb or even 300kb , why ?

You're mixing And and Or. There is no way for Opus to parse it properly as is, for it can be read as *.7z or *.rar or *.zip-of-10-to-40 MB.


try everything's search

Find CLEAR QUERYENGINE=everythingglobal QUERY zip: size:10mb..40mb

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As Pro says, you're mixing And and Or which won't have the results you expect.

You can avoid that and simplify things at the same time like this:

This would also work, which is more similar to the original:

You could also do this in Simple mode, without using a custom filter:

Or match based on the Archives file type group to include more archive extensions without having to list them all manually:

(Screenshots from Opus 13. In Opus 12, it's more of a pain in Simple mode as you have to convert the sizes to KB. Otherwise, the setup is the same for both but the UIs have a different layout.)

Note: That’ll only work in Opus 13, and if Everything is installed.


Maybe opus add the use of parentheses

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That's what the "subclause" construct is for.