Why I must refrest to see the newest files?

For example, I choose a folder and archive it to a zip file, when it finished, I can't see any file unless I press f5 to refresh, sometime the modified time of file will not be updated unless I refresh, this sometimes makes me very confused and I need to press f5 again and again.
DO version: 12.24

Please see here:

I have tried but the problem still exists, I used the debug tool and generated log.
I opened word and save as a file whose name is "test.docx" to desktop, explorer shows the file but DO doesn't unless I press F5.
desktop path is : "D:\Desktop"
DebugView++.7z (24.2 KB)

The only mention of D:\Desktop\test.docx in the log output are these error messages from the cloud storage software which seems to be controlling that D:\ drive:

34.543693	2021/06/15 10:21:51.324	16648	cloud-drive-daemon.exe	c:\synosrc\dog-builder\source\synosyncfolder\lib\cloud-filter\win-cf\placeholder-info.cpp (54) | Failed to get placholder info. D:\Desktop/Test.docx -2147024520

So the cloud storage software is both failing to generate proper change notifications, and outputting errors into the system debug log about other problems (which may or may not be related).

The only notifications about things in or below the folder the cloud storage software seems to be generating are ShellChange notifications about the entire folder:

1.306773	2021/06/15 10:21:18.087	14308	dopus.exe	[12524] dopus: ShellChange: update item = D:\Desktop

That may cause Explorer to refresh the whole folder automatically (I'm not sure) but if so it is very inefficient and not the proper way to tell software on the system that a new file has been added to the folder. The ShellChange system is very much a secondary level of detail, and not the primary method for sending change notifications, and telling software to update the entire folder for just one file is wrong on top of that. Nothing is coming through from the primary FindFirstChangeNotification API.

It's something you'd need to take up with the vendor of that cloud storage software at this point, if you want to continue using their software for that drive.

Edit: Updating the PC-side software or the software/firmware on the NAS may also be worth a try. Some NAS vendors, including very popular ones, release many devices with new/random bugs that weren't in other devices but are sometimes fixed by updates.

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it is synology drive client to sync files between nas and pc, I will try to update software to see if it has been solved.

unfortunately I updated the sync software but the problem still exists, I have reported this to synology support, but maybe it will take a long time to solve this bug.

Anyother way to use both DO and synology sync software?

I'm not familiar with their software. If you can mount the drive as a normal network drive, that might work. It's something you'd be better asking Synology than us though.