Why is the folder name not showing in the middle of the folder tree?

I have a keyboard shortcut to go to a certain folder. When I jump to that folder using the shortcut, the folder is shown way at the bottom of the folder tree instead of in the middle. I have the setting to have it in the middle on.


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Is the folder one of the last ones in the tree?

It can only be scrolled into the middle if there are enough other folders below it.

The folder is not the last one. There are several folders below the folder. I have a shortcut to the eBooks folder and when it jumps to it, you can see it's the last folder in the tree right above the taskbar even though there are other folders below it. Granted there aren't enough folders to make it dead center but I don't like my folder to be the last one showing. I have to use the mouse wheel to scroll the folders up. This does not happen every single time but it happens quite often. This last time I have a folder above the ebooks folder that has many subfolders. That folder is in the c drive. the eBooks folder is in the d drive. I don't know if it's related to anything but definitely there's something wrong.

Maybe if you keep experimenting with it, you'll get the odd behavior.


What kind of shortcut?

Where is it launched from? (From an existing Opus window, or is it opening a new window?)

A screenshot of the whole window might be useful, as it's very hard to see the context of what's going on there, or even if the whole window is on-screen.

A keyboard shortcut from the same window.

What's the command the hotkey runs? Or is it a Favorite with a shortcut assigned?

I have been hitting alt-x and some of these shortcuts are causing the folder to show at the bottom of the folder tree. There are more folders beneath the specific folder that the tree can display.


I've looked at this in more detail, and the scrolling to put the selected item into the middle will only happen if the folder tree does not have focus.

So if you click on the folder tree and then trigger one of your hotkeys, the option won't have any effect. If you click on the file display instead, it will.

(The intent is to avoid scrolling the folder tree around when you click on folders with the mouse, as that could result in clicking or double-clicking the wrong folder or starting a drag & drop when it wasn't intended.)

With the folder tree having focus or not, I cycled through hitting Alt 1-9 and sometimes the selected folder was at the bottom of the tree.