Why is the Text Viewer catch-all only?


the text viewer (viewer pane) works fast and seems solid, but I think there may be a problem with its catch-all behavior.
I do not want html files to be shown in the preview pane, but when I disable html it will show the html as text. It seems that I cannot limit the text viewer to txt, log, and the like. Am I missing sth?

Also, I am using the Active X + Preview + Web ... plugin, and I am using the temp option in order to be able to rename files. I am concerned about temp folder maintenance/behavior: It seems to me that 1. the pdf temp files that are created are not deleted after closing of DOPUS (!!!), and 2. there is no file size limit in order to prevent that very large files will be copied (!). Also I was wondering why the temp files were put in to the the temp root folder, rather than into a dedicated folder for Dopus or the Viewer which would help with the mess there...?

A third thing that I noticed is that the Viewer pane takes up space of the horizontal tabs bar. I would like to make the suggestion that that space could be used for tabs as it is just very little space that will very rarely be noticed as a negative within the viewer, but the lack of a wide tabs bar is very significant.

Thank you a lot for reading!!! I hope there were some reasonable suggestions here.



Hello, I was wondering if file-rename could cause an onload of the preview pane until the renaming operaing is done, and then re-load the file in the viewer? This would fix the problem that the file has to be copied?

The text viewer shouldn't cause any problems, and we figure it's better to show something than nothing, if there's no other (configured/installed) method of displaying the file.

The viewer pane is also designed so it can be toggled on and off in a single click or hotkey, so you only need to see if when it's useful and can free up the space it uses when you don't need it.

That should only happen if the PDF viewer (or something else like antivirus/privacy software) was still hanging on to the document when the viewer closed.

Old temp folders will be cleaned up periodically regardless, even if there's a power cut and the PC boots fresh with temp files still there. Opus won't leave temp files behind forever, unless something (files locked open in something else, permissions, antivirus, etc.) actually blocks it from deleting the files when checks for old temp folders and tries to delete them.

You mean you want the folder tabs bar to extend to the right, under the viewer? I think that would be strange when using dual file displays, as well as when a tab under the viewer was active but the actual window it activated wasn't next to it.

That would cause long delays with formats that take a long time to open, and it may not work anyway, depending on the nature of the viewer.

The Preview Handler API spec by Microsoft says viewers shouldn't keep files open in the first place, but a lot of viewers ignore this (including some of Microsoft's own). But you'd be well within your rights to complain to the viewer authors and ask them to fix their viewer so it conforms to the specifications. Or just close the viewer pane when you don't need it; keep it open all the time is a waste of space and time.