Why is this dialog popping up?


选中压缩包 一键 打包成.7Z 然后 打包后的.7Z压缩包 移动到同名的文件夹内
但是 移动的时候 会提示 如图 上的错误 请问 应该怎么跳过这个错误

虽然 报错 但是 压缩包依然会移动到 文件夹内...


I need a function

Select the compression package, one package, package it into .7Z, and then package the .7Z package to move to the same name folder.
But when you move, you will be prompted with the error as shown in the figure. How should I skip this error?

Although the error is reported, the compressed package will still move to the folder...

This mistake is very troublesome

This combination

F:\WINx10\7-Zip\7zG.exe a {filepath$|noext|noterm}.7z -pgalgamenoHCG -mx9 -m0=LZMA2 -ms=200m -mf=on -mhc=on -mmt=on {filepath$}
Select *.7z
Copy MOVE HERE FILE="{file}" CREATEFOLDER="{file|noext}"

Try a line Select NONE before Select *.7z.

Do you need to use 7zG.exe to do this? Opus can create 7z archives as well, which will let you simplify the command greatly, unless you need some special switches which Opus doesn't support.

I need 7ZG.EXE package to automatically add password DO comes with compression does not seem to be enough to automatically package with a password so
Still need to use 7Z

There is also a compression parameter 7Z that can be set, and the DO seems to be unable to set compression.

The problem is solved

F:\WINx10\7-Zip\7zG.exe a {filepath$|noext|noterm}.7z -pgalgamenoHCG -mx9 -m0=LZMA2 -ms=200m -mf=on -mhc=on -mmt=on {filepath$}
Copy MOVE HERE FILE="{file|ext=7z}" CREATEFOLDER="{file|noext}

You can configure the default 7z compression mode in Preferences, and also change it, or specify a password, for individual archives via the Add To Archive dialog.

But if you want a button that specifies a password or special compression mode (that you don't want to be your default) without prompting then it makes sense to use 7zG.exe, I agree. (We could add cmdline args for those to the Opus archives plugin, but they don't exist right now.)

I hope I can use 7Z package in the future. DO can bring my own compression parameters and set the default encryption password. Now it really doesn't work. So I chose to use .bat to achieve this function.

Can't set password