Why not merging 'go mode' inside 'filter mode'?


I'm playing for few days with filter mode ('filter' as a my default mode for FAYT) and i'm a bit frustrated by the need to specifically call the 'go mode' by a specific key to enter a path.

On one side :

  • a path will begin with a drive like A:\ C:\ etc.
  • a path will have backslash inside it \
  • an url will have a specific begining form like protocol:// (ftp:// http:// etc)
  • a network path will begin with a double backslash \

On the other side, any word you enter to filter something is related to characters/partial words you can find in a filename or in a folder name.

And if you think about it, any filename / foldername is not allowed to have a slash / or backslash \ inside it...
So why not considering content of filter is a path if it contains a slash or antislash or begins with special begining of path (drivename:\ or url like too ://)

This way any time i'm entering a filter, if i start entering / or \ or C:\ or D:\ or an url, it will swith to a specifc go mode behavior, naturally.

you get my idea :wink:

(it reminds me in firefox : you can type an url and also search for something and firfox is able to discover by himself if you are willing to send a web site url or a web search)


We do that automatically with Go and Find modes.

It isn't done with the Filter mode, I think because filters can use regular expressions.

You'd normally not use the FAYT field's Filter mode anyway. The Filter Bar is generally better, and what you get by default when you type * into the file display.

thanks Leo for your answer

I get it for regular expression indeed, I didn't think about that.

With 'filter bar' I'm not sure behavior is the same as what i like with "filter mode".
I mostly use keyboard and in "filter mode", and in preferences i have checked in "All Cursors Keys" and "Highlight matches" in Find-As-You-Type Mode section.

in filter mode as default : if i'm in a folder with lots of files and folder, I type 'test' for example and filter mode restricts my list to only few files and folders with 'test' in it, and then i visually can choose very fast with my key arrow (down or up) and select the one i'm looking for, or type another letter to make my filter more precise.

With 'filter bar' pressing down key shows me up the list of differents predefined filters (movies, current extensions, etc.) because focus is in filter bar input and not in my lister.
I'm not a fan with this behavior.
I also prefer when it is highlighted in filtered files/folders like in filter mode / find mode. It's easier to read (personal taste :slight_smile:

See 2 examples below for the idea.

[EDIT] : i found this has been already discussed in forum here (sorry for reactivating same subject) :

If you push return after tying into the Filter Bar, focus goes back to the file display.

I guess if you never use the drop-down (via the keyboard) then the extra keystroke may be a pain but, being used to how it works, I find I push return automatically.

i'll give it a try next days - maybe it's a matter of changing my habits anyway :wink:

To dopus team, you have made a great work for all these fayit / filter bars. I love these features.

Thanks for your answers and for this great app.