Wide button, or action when clicking on empty toolbar space

Hi forum,

is there a way to have a wide toolbar button (with an image rather than text on it)? Alternatively, triggering an action by clicking on a toolbar background/empty toolbar space is not possible, is it?

Regards David.P

Just use a wide image or label (lots of spaces may work, or maybe NBSP characters or similar invisible characters if spaces are trimmed and you want the button to appear invisible.)

Additionally you may tick the button-option "No hightlight border" to avoid any visual flickering, while hovering.

Cool ideas, thanks Leo & Tbone

If you use a large image, you may need to turn off Preferences / Toolbars / Appearance / Scale Toolbar button images when larger than standard size.

Thanks Leo for the important addition. The wide button with empty label (using a number of blanks) however worked great already, together with the button-option "No hightlight border".

Now I can click on empty toolbar areas and trigger an action (here: "show desktop", wich in my case means "show Dopus".