Widescreen and DV video support

Hi, I've been using Directory Opus for several months and love it but I'm a newbie on these forums.

I have looked through the feature requests but am surprised to find no one else requesting this.

I shoot nearly all my video in true widescreen DV format but the viewer pane in Opus does not recognise the wide pixels of PAL DV, so the frame appears horizontally squashed. It assumes the pixels are square so does not even display regular (4:3) DV correctly, since it uses a pixel aspect of 1.067:1.

I would like a feature added or a plugin developed to allow viewing DV video in its correct aspect ratio, namely widescreen PAL DV with its pixel aspect ratio of 1.422:1. (Also NTSC DV, but only if there's time :wink: )


I think this stuff should work automatically without Opus having to do anything special.

Do the video files play in the correct aspect in Windows Media Player?

If not then I think either the files don't have their aspect set properly in their headers/metadata (there are tools to check that although I forget their names) or the video codec that's playing them isn't respecting the aspect settings.

Thanks for that, though the files do play fine in Windows Media Player. But it has got me thinking about the header/metadata, since some players, such as QuickTime, do not play these files properly (same issue as Opus).

I'll see what I can find on this, though any further suggestions would be most welcome. Are other users previewing widescreen DV files in Opus without any problems? Or does no one need this function?

If you can give me a link where I can download an example I can get it looked at.

Did you mean an example screenshot? I have attached one. Unfortunately, the actual video is not captured from Opus when taking a screendump (could that also be changed?). However, the video window can just about be seen, as it is slightly lighter than the background black.
It can be seen that the video window is not widesceen. If measured, it is actually of ratio 1.25:1 - Opus is assuming square pixels and with the frame size of 720x576 of DV, that's the ratio. As we know, the ratio should be 1.78:1 with this widescreen video or 1.33:1 with a regular ratio video.

Hope this helps in developing a solution.

Hi, just realised you probably meant a widescreen DV file to try out, yes? :slight_smile:

I've attached the shortest clip I could find. Some very wobbly footage from Washington, DC. Less than two seconds but still 7MB :open_mouth:
Widescreen video clip.zip (6.6 MB)

That's normal with most hardware-accellerated video playback. The video is never really in the same part of memory as the rest of the desktop and the graphics card does some magic to combine everything as the image is sent to the monitor.

There are some playback modes/options which can be captured (as I've found when experimenting with the many options in the wonderful Media Player Classic (no relation to Windows Media Player)) at least with my display drivers, but it's probably outside the scope of the basic media player in Opus.

I think there are also some screen capture software that is clever enough to find the video in memory and add it to the captured image. I'm not sure how well this works or which programs are able to do it, but TechSmith's screen-capture program is supposed to be good and might be one which does.

Screenshots don't matter so much - I can take them using the wonderful Windows Media Player :wink: It works and they're the right ratio.

Being able to view the DV files in the right aspect is more important in this topic. Thanks for the info about the display of video and such though.