Wierd Opus symptom

Hello members of the Resource Center. I have an odd problem with D Op that is driving me crazy. The file and folder names show up with a tilde at end, after a certain amount of time. At first launch the program is normal. D Op also just exits by itself, as it pleases, within 10-15 minutes. What is wrong with this program? I have used version thru .06. Trying .07 might even cause the same problem. >=/ I'm using WinXP SP2 with 2GB RAM. If you need any more information i will provide it. Please help me with this maddening ailment.

Sorry the third link was a typo.

There's a fix for this available at:


This is not a typo, if you buy Opus instead of using stolen versions you will find no such issue.

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Thread doesn't seem to actually be locked Steve... and I'd consider disabling/editing the screenshot links posted by the user... ppl using pirated versions of an app and then have the nerve to post on the forum asking for help might get a kick out of putting something nasty in the link instead of a legit picture...

Good idea - I've removed the links.

Not sure how I managed to unlock the thread - I definately locked it :slight_smile: