Will directory opus avoid the planed A.I. stuff from microsoft?

I don't have any actual facts, but I read on a different forum that Microsoft was going to add A.I. to file explorer. Since I have no idea how that will be implemented, I just wanted to check in here.

Will using directory opus side step the new a.i. stuff or will it just do whatever it wants regardless since explorer is integrated?

It will take over everything, manage all your files and log you out of your account while turning off the monitors to conserve the power.

But on a serious note, the Opus doesn't integrate Explorer too much except in certain views: Desktop (but even that can be side-stepped), Recycle Bin view and the like.

But who knows what the future Windows updates will bring. If Microsoft wants, it can make the AI control all aspects of Windows since it can interface with everything on an API level (like scripts can do now).

But knowing Opus, there will probably be some way to control the AI via Opus rather than the other way around :grinning:

We have no intention of jumping on the latest scam grift con bandwagon :wink:


Its great to here that! (and extra great that you tell it for what it is, we don't need more buzz word trash getting int the way of proper functionality/features, Windows is bad enough as it is missing basic and once exiusting O/S functionality).