Willing to Pay for Phone Support

I am new Dopus and want very much to learn the program but find email support too cumbersome and do not have time to read manual. I don’t mind paying if I could have a training session by phone and also answers to several questions. If anyone is interested call me asap at 305.632.1368. If you are not available for hire do you know someone who is?

nathan wrote:
I am new Dopus and want very much to learn the program but find email support too cumbersome and do not have time to read manual. [/quote]
Hi Nathan !
The simple fact is that Dopus takes time to learn.
If I've made it to a third of what Dopus really is I'd glow with happiness.

More than that, Dopus has a very diverse Global user group.
I sent a 1970 English 'Folk' Album to a user in London yesterday.
That in itself is quite a reach.
The main programmers are located in various places in Australia !
It really is a hard reach ! It does take time.

I'd love to see a get together of some of this user group at some place across the globe.
Where do we start? The Great Barrier Reef North of Brisbane, Stonehenge, the Beatles Studio, Disneyworld in Florida,
or my favorite place, the Islands of the Great Lakes ?

I'd be happy to talk to you, but the fact is I probably wouldn't be of much help.
Save your money ! Anyone who would ask you for money here is probably not worth talking to.

Try expressing yourself properly in writing here.
That's really the first step.

:opusicon: porcupine

Thanks for the reply but perhaps you misunderstood me. It is just that I learn better by conversation than email and I don't want to impose on dopus users. That is why I was offering to compensate them for their help.
If they do not want to accept it or better yet, donate it to charity, then that is OK as well; my intention was to be fair.

I respecfully disagree with you that anyone who accepted payment is not worth talking to. In fact, that is how I and millions of others make a living. We refer to it as IT consulting.

Also, I wasn't clear as to what you meant by starting by expressing my self properly. Can you be more specific as to how I might have been 'improper' since it was not my intention to be disrespectful, again, only to be fair.

I think all Porc was trying to suggest was that you communicate or express whatever questions you might have about using Dopus in a manner that is 'clear' and 'proper' and those of use here will try our best to answer your questions quickly - so as not to drag out the amount of time it will take to get you up to speed with things. Also, Leo/Nudel has put together a helpful tutorial on using Dopus that you may want to check out before you try to take on too much on...

About the other part of what Porc said, I think he was just saying that this forum is a community of ppl that participate out of good will, and that nobody here on the forums should be looking to charge you for assistance. Of course, if you want to give someone money - then take a look at the 'Nudel Laptop relief fund' :slight_smile:.