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Win 10 1709 Start Menu Bug?

These days I updated my win 10 to 1709 Fall version. However, a severe error occurs after the update:

ALMOST ALL shortcuts in Start menu have been duplicated as a second copy. For example, if I have Visual Studio installed in D:\Program Files\VS, I will see two shortcuts in Start Menu and one is called "Visual Studio" but points to "C:\Program Files\VS" (there is absolutely nothing) and another is called "Visual Studio (1)" and point to D:\Program Files\VS correctly.

Furthermore, for some software, both two shortcuts work (the one pointing to C:\ will change to D:\ immediately when executed). But for some software, only the one attached with (1) works. And for a few software, neither works. ( In this case, there will be some warning such as "Missing some components").

Since I never hear about the same issue from the people around me. And also none of them are using DOpus. I just doubt.... is it because the explorer replacement of DOups that causes some mess during the win 10 update? Maybe the OS manipulates files via some interface but not supported by DOpus?

I'm so frustrated about this error. I will appreciate it if anyone can tell me the reason.
I chose "replace all folders with DOpus".


The start menu has no connection to Opus at all, other than that you can look at the folder that the shortcuts in the menu live in with Opus. The menu itself is not touched by Opus..

Are you sure you don't just have duplicate shortcuts in the menu? Go to /start in Opus and you can see the shortcuts that make up the menu.

Yes I know that the start menu has no relationship with Opus. The duplicate happens in the folder that makes up the menu, and then shown in the menu. The problem is due to the file duplication. Start menu is just a visible one.

I guess same thing happens in some other folders as well. Since some software cannot run as before and error shows up saying "missing components". I guess the duplication makes the file in a mess so the software cannot find what they want.

Is it possible that the Opus replacement disturb the file manipulation during update?

No, whatever is causing that is something else on the machine. Opus isn't involved in Windows updates or the Start Menu or anything like that.

OK thanks! I will ask in Microsoft Community about this problem. It's good to know that Opus is not the cause.

I haven't seen exactly that type of error, but I wonder if whatever is the root cause is the same for an error I have seen.

At C:\ProgramData\JungleDisk\cache\logs I have a junction with target D:\Application Data\JungleDisk\cache\logs. I have updated 1703 to 1709 twice. Both times the updating process changed the target of the junction to C:\APPLICATION DATA\JUNGLEDISK\CACHE\LOGS.

This caused symptoms that originally looked like a failure of Jungle Disk on 1709. When I discovered that the junction had been inappropriately modified, I corrected it and all is well.

Thanks, it looks similar but I don't think I have such a junction. But the wrong redirection looks the same... Actually I can edit all shortcuts manually but some software's internal error is hard to reach...