Win 10 firewall blocks networks shares

Just set up new win10 machine and in directory opus, the other network share does not appear. When I turn off the firewall of win def, it does show up. On my main machine, both firewalls are on and the new share does indeed show up. Also on new machine, other share shows up in WinExp. Hm?

That's not normal, unless Windows thinks it's on a public network (but then you wouldn't usually see the shares in Explorer either).

Can you see them in any other programs, or only in File Explorer?

Can you access the shares in Opus if you type their paths in by hand? (Server and share enumeration in Windows is not very reliable, and the operating system gives each process its own separate cache of which machines and shares it has seen, which can mean you see different results in different programs sometimes.)

Maybe this will help others. I have two PCs W10 on a home net. I assiduously checked the sharing settings, the permissions, DO preferences etc. Checked to make sure both were in the same home group. Tried turning off firewalls...and DO worked fine, saw everything connected to the net. Firewalls back on, and no soap. Then, something told me to try to reset my router/modem. That did the trick. So far..... Thanks for the reply.

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