Win 7 64 Bit won't update to

Hi all,

I recieved a message that Ver. was available for update. I clicked the download button. The download happens successfully. The a popup from the Sys. Tray says "Click this message to perform update". I click the message, then - nothing! I waited 10 mins. Still nothing! I've tried disabling the AV software. Still nothing!

What gives?


There is a bug in the auto-updater in Opus -

The problem has been fixed but you need to update to before the fix will be on your machine.

Please download and install via the website, after which you can use the built-in updater again for future updates.

Thanks Leo. Worked a charm!

The update bug notwithstanding was pretty happy to see the new update system in dopus 10, esp the ability to view the change log. I always found the earlier versions a little naggy.
'tis tops.