Win 8 Registered Applications (Default Programs)

I'm a new user to Directory Opus 11 but I could not find a way to get Directory Opus 11 to register its-self as the handler for anything but .zip archives (while the default install is enabled for many more).

In any case, I also did not see it listed under Default Programs where you can easily tell windows to use Directory Opus for everything it's registered as capable of opening.

So I created the appropriate registry entries, which makes it easy to use DOPUS11 for whichever ones you want to use it for.

Attaching the .reg file here which will set this up for you, after words you can go to Control Panel > Default Programs > Set your default programs. Select Directory Opus 11 and either of the two options at the bottom to register DOPUS11 as the handler for multiple archive types.

Hope it helps someone out! (672 Bytes)

Registry entries may depend on your version of Windows. You don't say what that is.

A better way of dealing with other archives is probably to go into Opus itself.

File Type Groups has an Archives group that you can inspect and play with.

Did you look at the Archives entry in the Help file? Then there is the entry on Archive Context Menu.

I see that you mention Windows 8 in the subject. It is always a good idea to include important information in the body text.

Now we know that people still on Windows 7 (or alder and newer) may not get any benefit from this "tweak".

I get the impression that there are a lot of Windows 8 refuseniks around here.

From looking at it, the registry file should work the same on Win7 and Win8.

It is for double-clicking archives from outside of Opus (you don't need to do anything special to Opus handle double-clicks within Opus, so it wouldn't be needed at all there, and the Archives file type group has no effect outside of Opus).

Sorry, i did not realize there were replies to this post, didnt get any emails. Yes this was for making any archive open in opus from external programs such as firefox and whatnot.