'Win + E' and Shift Delete (Dopus 9)

Is there a way in the the custom keys options to overwrite the windows + E key which opens explorer (default windows command) to open Directory opus 9? (windows Vista 64)

Also is there a way to 'shift delete' like in explorer, to delete files with out putting them in the recycling bin? (I am sure Directory opus 8 did shift delete fine)



The Win-E hotkey is hardcoded in Windows to launch My Computer. If Opus is set to Explorer Replacement then Win-E will launch My Computer in Opus, but there's no way to make the hotkey launch a different folder. (You can create other hotkeys, though. The default config has Win-O set to open a new Opus lister, for example.)

If you've got Explorer Replacement turned on then it's possible that it doesn't work for the Win-E hotkey on 64-bit Windows. If that's the case then it probably can't be easily fixed until a 64-bit version of Opus 9 is available.

Check in Customize -> Keys. There should be a Shift + Delete hotkey which runs delete shift or maybe delete norecycle.

I can confirm this is an issue with Vista x64 Ultimate here - Windows+E just kicks in the standard explorer, not DO9.