Win+E New Lister or Open New Tab

Hi there,

I'm just getting back into using Directory Opus after a while away and I was curious. I currently have a hotkey setup Win+E that does Go LASTACTIVELISTER NEW, i was wonder if there was a way to make this Go LASTACTIVELISTER then if that opened up NEWTAB but if it had to make a new lister then just do that?

This seems to work, from a quick test:

Go /default NEWTAB=tofront

Change /default to another path or alias if you want a different folder to open in the new tab.

If you're using Windows 10, you can delete your old Win+E hotkey and use this Preferences page for something more reliable (since replacing Win+E the usual way is often broken by changes in new versions of Windows):

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You sir are a wonderful person! Thank you. Works exactly as I want it!