Win+E not working after few days after installation

Hi :slight_smile:,
after Directory Opus installation Win+E combiation works OK, but after few days it is openineg default Windows Explorer. I'm doing nothing to change it. In Opus Key settings I see Win+Shift+E - it is working without problems. No Win+E combination is visible there.

After Opus reinstallation Win+E works OK.

In Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement I have reccommended option (replace explorer for all file system folders).

Maybe some Windows updates are making it wrong. I didn't have this problem in v11. Now I've got 12.3 x64 on Win 10 Pro.

I found some similar problems on your forum but all of them are from few years ago

What can I do to make it right? Please help. I'm using Win+E very offen - additionally I've got special "Explorer" key on keyboard and it is the same as Win+E. It's not possible to change it to Win+Shift+E

Thank you for your time and for one of the best software I've ever seen :slight_smile:. :opussanta:

What happens when you double-click a folder on the desktop, does it open in Opus or Explorer?

Win-E launches the This PC (My Computer) folder in the default file manager, so it should open Opus is Explore Replacement is working, and File Explorer if Explorer Replacement is turned off (or not working for some reason).

Try using Win-E itself since the keyboard's special key may do something else, e.g. run explorer.exe explicitly.

(BTW, although you should not have to, most keyboards with those special keys allow you to change them to run anything you want using the software for the keyboard.)

Double-click on desktop works fine. It opens Directory Opus.

Win+E launches Windows Explorer :frowning:. Win+Shift+E is OK, opens Opus.

I have no option to change keyboard's special key (it's just = Win+E). I've reinstalled 3-4 days ago Opus again and Win+E worked fine for some time. Now it's bad again. It looks like system is changing Windows Explorer as default explorer...

As I wrote this never happend before (in v11).

If you need anything from me like logs etc just let me know. :slight_smile:

If reinstalling Opus fixes things then my guess is that something is modifying an involved registry setting some time after Opus sets it up. It's impossible for me to guess what that might be, though. Maybe a registry cleaner or similar.