Win+e shortcut does not open DO anymore

Not sure what happened but suddenly Win+e shortcut does not open a lister. Instead it opens Windows Explorer.
Things I have tried:

  1. Toggled the Explorer Replacement setting
  2. Uninstalled DO, rebooted and installed DO again

Any ideas??

Make sure no compatibility settings are on for dopus.exe or the installer, then try re-running the installer. That may fix the component involved in intercepting Win+E.

PS: Please link your account.

I did not have any compatibility settings enabled etc.
I re-ran the installer but that did not help either.

What finally helped strangely was that I set up AutoHotKey to launch DO and set it to use the shortcut Win+E. That completely broke Win+E and neither WinExp or DO would launch.
I disabled AutoHotKey setting and that fixed everything!

Very strange. No idea what was going on. But I am happy now :slight_smile:

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