Win Explorer replacement does not work with DO in admin mode

I have to run editor in RAA (run as administrator) so I can edit file sthat have to resided in C:\Program FIles. I then have to run DO in RAA mod to be able to drag these file into the editor. If DO is in RAA mode, Windows Expolrer replacement does not work. Right click on a folder on Desktop still shows "Open In Directory Opus" as the default. It just does nothing. I am unable to open the folder in anything without navigating to it in DO or WE.

I hate Windows 10. We need some way to turn of all of this Administrator crap.

  • Editing a text file below C:\Program Files does not require running Opus elevated as administrator. You only need the text editor to be elevated. You can launch an elevated text editor from Opus without Opus itself being elevated.

  • Non-admin processes cannot ask an admin process to do something. The request is blocked.

    This is one of several reasons it's usually not a good idea to run dopus.exe itself elevated.

    Instead, launch Opus normally, then use Opus's UAC Support and Administrator Mode to set individual windows to run their commands elevated (with an optional timeout before they revert to normal), if you need to run several things elevated.

I tried DO's temporary elevate feature. I selected various timeout values. I did not work. I still could not drag files into my editor. This only works it load DO as admin. My workaround is to have the editor as a context (right click) option for the file type of interest. This will load the file into the editor even if DO is not in admin mode.

The admin mode only elevates commands run from Opus. It doesn't affect drag & drop.

(Drag & drop to an elevated window is normally blocked by the OS.)

The method you're using is the way to do it. You could also add @admin to the command so it always runs the editor as admin, and then you don't need to worry about whether Opus is in admin mode or not. (You'll only get a UAC prompt if it isn't already in admin mode.)