Win10 inconsistent Win+E shortcut

Since upgrading to Windows 10 my Windows key + E shortcut to launch a new/current lister has not worked consistently. Pressing Win+E does nothing but if I disable then re-enable the shortcut it works. Obviously this is annoying to have to do every time the shortcut breaks. The issue occurs on both my laptop and desktop.
Other windows key shortcuts work consistently. Has anyone else experienced this?

Which version of Opus are you running?

The latest I think, 11.15

The latest beta may be worth a try.

11.15.2 (beta): Fixed overriding of certain system Windows+ hotkeys in Windows 10

Thanks for that, I'll try the latest beta.

I just updated to 11.15.3, whilst the shortcut is now working it keeps launching the Computer folder (i.e., My Computer which shows all the drives). If I disable the shortcut it still works as it appears DOpus is capturing the windows shortcut, rather than the one assigned to the Win+E key which is Go LASTACTIVELISTER NEW.

Overriding it seems to work here, although it took a few uses before it started working, and the shell seemed to restart.

Using another hotkey may be best if you're having problems with Win+E and want it to do something other than the default, as there is no official way to override that key, and we have to resort to some tricks to do it.