Win7 - Lister taskbar "footprint" off option not working

Hello all.

I'm hoping someone might be able to help resolve one of my ongoing issues or confirm that it's an issue deserving of making contact with DO's support staff. Rest assured, I searched the forum before posting but didn't find any posts specific to my problem and my OS. I apologize if I missed something.

The issue I'm having is related to the taskbar "footprint" option. Specifically, when I de-select the option to "Show lister 'footprint' on Windows taskbar", nothing happens - i.e. - the "footprint" remains on the taskbar. Am I missing another setting or misunderstanding the intent of this option?

I have had this issue for quite a while now but just lived with it. I've updated DOpus several times - including the latest Illuminati versions - yet the issue has never been resolved. Restarts - the app or the PC - don't help either.

Ultimately, what I'm trying to do is completely remove the "footprint" - or icon - for DOpus on my Win7 taskbar while still selecting the option to "Add icon to the Taskbar Status Area". That way, I can free up space on my taskbar but still be able to open any minimized listers by clicking on the icon in the status area.

By de-selecting the "footprint" setting and selecting the taskbar status area option, I thought the end result would be identical to the widely-known "minimize to tray" setting found in countless other applications. Am I off base in my understanding or is there a true problem somewhere?

While I'm at it - and assuming my understanding is correct - why isn't this option provided in the same manner as most every other Windows application (with a "minimize to tray" option)? Wouldn't that be a simpler way to accomplish this goal?

On the other hand, maybe I'm the one who's misunderstanding things here. If that's the case, let me thank you in advance for clarifying these settings for me.

I appreciate your help!

The "Show lister 'footprint' on Windows taskbar" option doesn't work in Windows 7's new taskbar. The option will probably be removed in the future.

If you want something like "minimize to tray" you could set Opus to remember the previous lister (which I think it does by default), then simply close the window and later double-click the tray icon (if it's turned on and set to open the default lister on double-click). That'll re-create the window that you closed earlier. (Of course, this won't work so well if you want to hide and later restore several windows. You can use a Layout for that, though.)

Great! Thanks, leo. This has been driving me crazy. The issue with Win7 was probably noted somewhere and I didn't see it.

The workaround you mentioned should work fine for my needs. Thanks a ton for taking time to read and reply to my post.