WinAce Support?

Does DO suport WinAce ? Is there a plugin for WinAce ??

There isn't one right now.

(In theory someone with the know-how could write one using the VFS plugin system but I don't know of anyone planning to do so.)

How about contacting the author of a free/OSS archiving tool to ask if they'd port their code to a plugin? E.g. the 7-Zip guy?


Sounds like a good idea. Go for it. :slight_smile: I'd be happy to help them on the plugin side of things.

Thanks for your replys....

nudel wrote:
Sounds like a good idea. Go for it. :slight_smile:[/quote]
I attempted to start this last year but got sidetracked with this "work" stuff :-\ Honestly, closing the mailing list did a number on my enthusiasm, I've not done much to further my use of DOpus since then beyond recently getting SSH-FTP working.