Window on taskbar

From the 11th version of DOpus, every time when I delete files taskbar window appears:

Prior to version 10.5.7 was not like this. Is it possible to disable this feature if it's not a bug, but a feature?

I think this is specific to Windows XP, and it's really time to stop using Windows XP now because Microsoft are no longer supporting it with security updates.

However, if you configure Opus to use the jobs bar and hide the progress dialogs from the taskbar, the extra taskbar button will no longer appear.

Turn on these two options, under Preferences / File Operations / Progress Indicators:

[ul][li]Display the jobs bar automatically when starting a new job[/li]
[li]Prevent progress indicators from showing on the taskbar (or in Alt+Tab)[/li][/ul]

Thank you, Leo. This is what I need.