Window settings

Leo - Thanks again! However, I'm not getting the correct result;

I'm inserting a CF card in the reader and the window comes up full height on the screen. Here's what I'm doing to change the configuration;

  • I resize the window

  • I uncheck "status bar" in the View menu because I don't want to see it.

  • Settings / Lister Layouts / Save as 'CF Card'

  • Settings / Preferences / Listers / Layouts / CF Card, and

  • I've tried every combination of checking and unchecking the check boxes / Apply / OK

When I reopen the window by inserting my CF card I'm getting the old full height window without my preferences?

Is there a reason my post was 'locked'?

Judging by your past threads you set Windows or ObjectDock to run the Opus command to open that saved layout either from a menu or as some kind of autorun setting.

Are you asking how to do something new or asking the same thing that you asked in the past? If it's the latter just look up the thread -- as I described in the thread that was just locked -- and you'll find the answer. The old threads and answers don't go anywhere. They're still all there.

I locked the other thread because the question was identical to the one you posted, and got an answer to, in the past. If you want to ask a follow-up question about that thread -- that isn't answered in one of your other threads -- then feel free, but do it in that thread rather than starting new ones, else the forum becomes a mess and it's difficult for everyone to find answers (including you if you need to find them again like you're doing now).

Leo - I'm trying to do exactly what I stated, in this post. I defined what I am doing, step by step, and what the failure is. If you can't help, I'll just go away.

I'm not into adversary relationships - IM

What is causing the Lister to open?

Have you somehow set Windows to run an Opus command when you insert the CF card, and that is what's opening the Lister?

Or, is it just opening automatically because in the past you've clicked "Open in Explorer / Directory Opus to view files" and Windows has remembered that setting?

Sorry, I thought you were asking how to do something you'd already done rather than something new which is fine.

I don't know a good way to do it but maybe someone else will know.

You might be able to achieve it by configuring Autorun/Autoplay on the CF drive to run the Opus commands that open the appropriate layout. I don't know exactly what you can configure there so I don't know for sure if it's the right thing to try but it might work. Maybe someone else on the forum will know more about it and help.

Edit: I'm assuming you want a special layout for the CF card and don't want to use that layout for Opus windows that open for any other folders. If you want it for all folders then that's easy. (And it would still be possible to make special shortcuts which open different layouts, too.)

Sorry... but I'm having trouble understanding how this IS new or different than the same questions posted in those two other topics. Maybe I'm just missing something - but a forum admin asking for your help to keep the forums tidy is not an "adversarial" situation, it's a request to not post duplicate topics with different pieces of the same question spread all over the place - which makes it difficult when others try to follow along later and get the answer they're looking for if they have the same problem or question.

Anyhow, there haven't been any comments to Jons question... So one thing someone should probably explain is that display settings you set up in a Layout are not things that will automatically be loaded any old time you go back to display a particular 'location' (like your CF card). The settings in a Layout only get loaded when you explicitly load that Layout like through Settings->Lister Layouts and then select your saved layout...

It sounds like you've got the case Jon just asked about... and that Windows is automatically 'opening' the CF Card upon device arrival notification when you plug it into your reader. In that case, I'd say that you should be better looking at a a specific 'Folder Format'... but I don't think you can control the window size, position, visible toolbars, etc with a folder format ;-(.

That said, what you MIGHT be able to do is to change the 'Default' Lister Layout to match what you want for the CF Card. The problem I see then is that ANY folder that get's opened by an external call by the OS will be opened that way...