Windows 10 and Folder Properties Does Not Appear

Currently running Windows 10 and Directory Opus 11.16. When I right-click on a folder or file and select 'Properties' nothing happens.

Works fine here. Windows 10 Build 10547, Opus 11.16 (in a VM, which should make no difference).

Regards, AB

[ul][li]Does the same happen in File Explorer, for the same folder?

[li]Using ShellExView, sort by the Type column, then scroll down to the Property Sheet ones, and look for any that aren't part of Windows itself. Try disabling them via their right-click menus, and the problem will probably go away.[/li][/ul]

The properties sheets always work when using Windows Explorer.

Used ShellExView but all Property Sheet types were by Microsoft.

If you select a folder and click the Properties button on the default Operations toolbar, does that work, or is it the same?