Windows 10 + Dopus 11.7 non-pro version

I recently upgraded my Windows 8.1 Pro system to Windows 10 Pro. No hitches, everything works fine, even my multi-years old Dopus 10 installation. I decided to upgrade to 11.7, and the non-pro version of Dopus, and now having problems.

It's a clean reinstall and reboot (twice now). Desktop double-click works as it always has (blanking the desktop icons and back). However, dopusrt is not running to intercept folder requests from explorer. Even if I run it manually, it just quietly does nothing and never shows up in task manager (system explorer).

Contrary to what the help files and 'manual' says, there's absolutely nothing in Preferences which talks about explorer and launching (or not) Dopus. I can't find any references to this action anywhere except in the help files.

Sound familiar?

Also, same problem I had in version 10, how do you NOT use the built in viewer for pictures? I want my viewer to ALWAYS be fsviewer, but can't seem to get there. No mention that I can find in documentation or preferences.

Thanks for any help.


Explorer Replacement and Desktop double-click are not part of the Light version. Light vs Pro

dopusrt.exe isn't involved in Explorer Replacement (intercepting folder requests from Explorer), only Desktop double-click. If dopusrt.exe isn't running then I would expect Desktop double-click to not do anything, at least related to Opus. (Maybe there's some confusion about what Desktop double-click is as it should not blank any icons. Desktop double-click means double-clicking an empty area of the desktop to cause Opus to open a window or do some other action.) There is at least one other program which can do things when you double-click on the desktop (one of the multi-monitor tools, if I remember correctly), so you might be triggering that instead.

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