Windows 10 May Update v2004

Hi Guys,
Well, can I live without Directory Opus i'm using for long time?? NO!!!
So, I updated to may update v2004 , without problems. All great, as it was before.
My Opus (obviously) start with windows, and I double click on desktop and it loads.
And it loads....but not working! gets stuck and don't read the folders....
Probably because I use It as the only file explorer, It also stuck almost everything, even the task manager was blank, I wanted to end the task...
So, thanks to another program I cannot live without, Macrium Reflect, I backup all System partitions every day, early in the morning. And now I'm back before update!
I something I do wrong? Now I Uninstalled the opus, to try again the update, see what happened!
Please help me with some Ideas.

Lucky Hadary (

Windows 10 2004 isn't being offered to me, but it might be best to wait either way:

Thanks, Leo!
I've read them! It's good they don't force it on you, it's there to download and install if you want.
Check for update don't touch it.
I redo my installation of 2004 without Opus, just to see if there other bad things. and reinstall opus without being the main file system. See what happened.
If not, back to today morning backup partitions..And Wait...

Any updates on this - is it advisable to still wait before updating to 2004 in terms of Opus compatibility?

Microsoft say the update* isn't ready for any of my hardware on four very different PCs, so I'd say waiting is a good idea, given their own lack of confidence in it, but we haven't been able to test it as a result.

(*Actually, they say the opposite, that my hardware isn't ready yet for the update, which is ridiculous. My hardware isn't going to change; the update is. Was the same the last two big updates. Windows is a shambles now.)


I updated to 2004 a week ago. Windows Update said my PC wasn't ready for it yet, so I forced the update using a tool downloaded from Microsoft. Anyway, when I first booted back into Windows after the update had finished, Directory Opus crashed. It froze, and needed to be closed with Task Manager. It then wouldn't even open again. I rebooted my PC, and Opus has been fine ever since. No issues at all.

As an aside, the 2004 update seems to do something to image thumbnail generation. I think it is rebuilding all thumbnails after the update, in the background. For the first hour or two, directories would be slow to display thumbnails, especially in directories containing large numbers of images. I checked this wasn't a Directory Opus issue by opening Windows Explorer, and the same was happening there.

Ok. Thanks. Given the lack of anything important in the update I will wait.

Thinking I'd just get it over with and then forget about it, I've forced the update twice. I don't remember anything specific to Opus, but in both cases I've encountered various slowdowns, hangs, and instabilities elsewhere. In both cases, I've restored 1909.

Yeah, I love the wording there. "Your devices" isn't ready. lol

I just pull up "Check for updates" in the Start Menu now and then. I have real work to do and can't afford to have my computer go weird on me. More importantly, I don't want my ability to play games to be affected. From Civilization VI to Rocket League, I need to play!

I did a fresh installation of w10 x64 v2004 pro recently, a few days ago as I was receiving the same messages as others here, and no idea when it might actually install.

It all works fine, and a fresh installation of Dopus all works fine too, I hope that helps if you are thinking of updating. I am using a i7 cpu, 16gb ram, 6 year old mb, m.2 ssd.

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