Windows 10 slowdown

I upgraded from Win 7 Pro 64-bit to Win 10 on July 16th. Ever since, DOpus has been very slow when accessing listers in my layout (I usually have about 15 to 20 lister tabs - hope that is reasonably correct terminolgy). Also I can't get one of the listers (my most frequently used one) out of Power Mode; I assume it's in Power Mode since clicking on another file / folder leaves it selected. I dislike PM and have tried to enforce Details instead but it doesn't seem to work for this one directory (I:\Downloads). I: is an internal magnetic drive.

I have read numerous posts about similar problems. I have tried reverting to the standard toolbars, and have removed a large number of shell extensions. Nothing seems to have made any difference at all in the slowness. It is getting very frustrating.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Does the slowdown only happen with the folder tree open, or when browsing certain folders, or folders with certain file types (e.g. zip files, installer exe files, movie files)?

Leo, thanks for the quick response. I hardly ever have the folder tree open. I am not aware of an issue about any particular folders, or with the file types involved. Another example: I have one tab open with only a single file in it (index.html). I just did Ctrl-T to duplicate that folder tab and it took somewhere between 5 and 10 seconds (I'd say). I then did Ctrl-W to close that new tab and again there was substantial activity (several seconds) before the tab was closed.

Have you tried a completely default configuration to see if that makes a difference?

First create a config backup using Settings > Backup & Restore, and save it to a safe place.

The uninstall Opus completely, reboot when prompted, and then reinstall Opus.

You'll then be on a default config and can check if the problem still happens, before restoring the config backup to return to how things were.

I will try that, but want to finish some work before getting into a reboot. Will report back later.

Leo -- very good suggestion! Opus seems to behave properly (i.e. fast!) with a fresh install. I had been using the toolbars, and other configuration settings, from the "Dear Opus" site for years. They worked fine with my Win 7 system, but clearly not with Win 10.
I guess I will gradually try reintroducing at least some of the changes and see how things go.

Many thanks for your help,

Please report back and let us know if you find out what was causing it!