Windows 10 Store Apps - Pinning shortcuts to toolbar - No icons

I am able to drag Windows store app shortcuts (.lnk) to the toolbar, but unfortunately they to do have an icon associated with the link. Is there a way to get the icons for store apps to show on the toolbar? Note that the icon is visible as part of the shortcut in the desktop folder in the file lister.

Opus won't find such icons automatically, but if you find the ico file you should be able to set it on the button manually.

Note that the Windows Properties dialog is the same. If you open it for a Store app's shortcut and click Change Icon, it'll fall back to listing the icons in shell32.dll instead of where the current icon came from, since it can't locate it either.

IShellLink::GetIconLocation fails for shortcuts to Store apps, as Microsoft only did the minimum effort to make the new type of shortcut/app show up on the desktop, and didn't finish updating the rest of the Windows API to understand the new things (which they added for no discernible reason, when using standard methods would have worked perfectly well).

Everything about Store apps is obfuscated and breaks the normal shell APIs for no real reason, on top of strange decisions Microsoft made like making it really difficult just to browse Store apps' files due to how they block List permission on the folder they're all in. All reasons to avoid Store apps if there's an alternative.


Thanks Leo. Just had to confirm this. As you say, really frustrating. Windows developers seem to be making stranger and stranger decisions as time goes by.

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