Windows 10 UAC elevation prompts when moving files within my My Documents folder

Hi, I'm running DO ver 12.4.3 (beta) in Windows 10. When I move an .mp4 file from my "Camtasia" folder in my My Documents folder to my "Work Files" folder in My Documents, the Windows UAC prompt pops up. Regardless whether I click "Yes" or "No" to this prompt, the file gets moved to where I want, but the UAC prompt is a pain. I don't want to turn down the UAC setting, which is set as shown in the picture, so how to I keep this UAC prompt from occurring.


That probably means there is an access denied error dealing with something other than the main file itself. For example, if you have Opus set to update folder permissions when moving files, and the source or destination are permissioned in a way that needs elevation to change the permissions.

I'd also recommend updating to the latest version in case it is something we've fixed. There were some extra UAC prompts when failing to move non-essential metadata in similar situations, which we suppressed fairly recently. (I'm not sure if this will be what you're seeing, though.)

Using Process Monitor to find out which operation(s) are failing with access denied errors will usually track down exactly where the UAC prompt is triggered from, but can be quite technical if you are not familiar with the tool.

I've had these prompts too when moving things from one particular location to another. It's probably the update permissions setting indeed. The Help says that 'normally' a file will keep its original permissions when you move it (not copy), on the same hard drive. Here, normally means Windows Explorer i assume?

Having the setting on makes most sense to me. But the prompts get on my nerves quickly (as it's rarely just one), especially when there doesn't seem to be any particular difference between source or destination.

The copy security permissions is off. Which seems to be the same thing,
only worded differently and applies to copy rather than move.

Hi Leo,

I have updated to the latest version (12.6). Here is how Opus is set for permissions:

How do I use Process Monitor to find out which operation(s) are failing with access denied errors?

Thanks, 2017. Since I'm the only user of my PC, I think having Opus set to NOT copy security permissions (see pic above) is probably OK, right?

Try turning off "Update permissions/encryption to match the destination when moving files".

Do you still get the UAC prompts then?

After turning off "Update permissions/encryption to match the destination when moving files", I no longer get the UAC prompt. However, what if I do want these permissions to match the destination?

Exactly what i was thinking.

I don't remember having issues moving files to a shared folder in Windows Explorer (which apparently doesn't have the option to update permissions to match?), so maybe it's not a problem?

I don't think Explorer updates permissions when moving files (on the same volume, via rename), unless that was added in more recent versions of Windows.