Windows 10 Update and uninstall

Hi, first off all, sorry for my poor English.
Here is my problem.
Last week my Windows 10 installed an update and after that
Directory Opus isn't no more my main File Navigator.
To solve the problem must I reinstall D. Opus?
In this case, what are your recommendations to uninstall it.
May I simply use Windows to do it?
I'm afraid if I don't execute de correct procedure, I may lose my registration.
Thanks for your support,

Try turning off Explorer Replacement under Preferences / Launching Opus.

Then click Apply, and wait 10 seconds.

Then turn it back on, and do the same.

That will usually repair the registry settings used to replace Explorer.

Hi Leo, thanks for your support.
Your hint don't worked.My pendrive and external hard drive are still
being opened with Windows Explorer.
Do you recommend reinstalling D.Opus?
May it be done using the Windows Uninstaller?

You can run the installer over the top of an existing install, which would usually be enough.

If you want to uninstall and then run the installer, be sure to make a configuration backup first (Settings > Backup & Restore), since uninstalling Opus will delete your configuration.

Uninstalling is done the same as any other software:

(We recommend against any custom "uninstaller" tools, as they are more likely to cause problems than ever solve them, in our experience.)