Windows 11 - Do you feel it too? It's coming

The biggest, decade long update to windows 10 is just around the corner.
Windows 10X is dead and some of its pretty futures is making its way to us. All good news :slight_smile:

I cant wait. They have been slowly fixing Virtual desktops.
Two updates ago, you can rearrange their order and one update ago, you can even rename a Virtual desktop.

I feel they will finally let us separate monitors to their own unique desktops. God be kind.

What are you excited for?

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OH, I thought you were going to mention Opus 13. I have a feeling an update to Opus is about due.

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First are foremost a better file system with vastly improved metadata handling / ability would be nice. Built in file validation and drive pooling that works would also be good in addition to the elimination of file fragmentation.. Support of BT LDAC, improvements to thumb-nailing including support for thumbnails larger than 256 x 256. Improved windows search and indexing.


I've read here and there that its a long way of.

I do belive one or two of these are confirmed, search improvements for sure.

Cannot wait.

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I can wait, the current version works very well for my needs. It is just that I really love watching those videos Leo makes to show off the features of a new version.


Yh those videos are really good. Its what sold me on Opus in the first place.

Changelogs just arent as fun to read.


What are you excited for?

Nothing. I have used MS software since the DOS days and have given up any hope that it will ever become a really cool system. I just hope Win 11 is not going to be another Vista or 8/8.1. What can you expect from a single-pane-file-manager-company?


Win 10 is a cool sys! It runs stable for me and my customers and I have less problems than ever before. Only thing is mixed settings <> control panel and design mixture.

But to be honest I am actually waiting for OS 3.2 for my Amiga 3000. :grinning:


I cannot wait for it!. Not that I will be making the switch before a year of release but I sure as hell will be trying it out in a vm. Proper Dark mode support is a must come on Microsoft

OMG!!! I can't believe it!!! Now I get, why everybody is hyperventilating: the icons on the taskbar are centered and - gasp - the window corners are round!!! Can't wait to upgrade!!!

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This is surely the culmination of a multi-year development process by a team of thousands!



I like the way the Start button will move around as windows open and close, and never be in the same place twice. Keeps us on our toes.

Maybe this will be optional, but maybe changing the option will, say, completely break the Start Menu like turning off the "scroll inactive windows when I hover over them" option in Windows 10 has done since release.

Looks like minor, unimportant visual cues like which window has keyboard focus are still being desaturated to the point of not really existing at all unless you take a screenshot and start looking at color hex values in Photoshop. That's great.

Let's hope they at least fixed some of the bugs Windows 10 and its updates introduced. We've been waiting long enough.

It breaks Fitts' Law so hard, it hurts my eyes. Screen corners are by definition infinitely large, since mouse cursor stops there no matter how much further you move the mouse. It's ironical because they break the very example of Windows start button which Wikipedia uses to demonstrate infinitely large targets :smiley:

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My hope is there's still an invisible start button always in the bottom left, which would be a very poor design but less bad than losing the corner entirely. I'm not sure the people working on Windows today or for the last 10 years are even this smart, though.

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The centered icons can be turned off, I saw an option for that in a youtube video these days.
For anything else, which is just different to be new and not really helpful, I have strong hopes the developer of the 7-taskbar-tweaker will take care of: 7+ Taskbar Tweaker - RaMMicHaeL's Blog

I'm using the tweaker for years, it's excellent. It enables access to features of previous taskbar versions and allows to get rid of some of the useless features as well (jump lists, grouping, dragup etc.). One of my favorite features is the ability to use "middle mouse" to close an application (just like it is everywhere else for "tabs") or press "ctrl + middle mouse" to kill the program without entering and searching task manager for the task behind. You can also just drag files onto taskbar apps, they will launch if not started etc. Can't do without for long.

My settings:


As for the modern GUI design, I agree.. designers these days really try hard to get you frustrated. It can be very hard to tell which window has focus, no window borders, hard to grab window edges, tiny or hidden scrollbars etc.... But, Win7 and classic mode is still doing fine for me for now.

Some applications only being available as windows store apps is another thing which puts me of, I really don't need the locked down android phone as desktop experience.

Did they improve Notepad this time? Adjustable tab-width and support for indenting text-blocks by tab key? Support for linux line endings and big files? Multi-selection, a text filter and categories for the service console? Copy and paste by keyboard in the command prompt? Will start menu finally find "dopus.exe" if I just type "dop" or "d*s.exe"? Will remote desktop support multiple screens and auto-scaling? Network traffic meter on the taskbar? Working bluetooth stack? Will the task manager be useful again? Less of the "Windows has to restart" pain? Less USB driver/device issues?

Looking at the screenshot, I doubt they did anything useful like that. o)

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I cannot recommend Notepad2-mod highly enough. It does everything you ask plus much, much more, incl. syntax highlighting, changed file detection, regex search, block folding, exit with ESC, even very basic block editing with Alt-Drag. It's small, very fast & portable (1 exe+1 ini), too.

All needed is for orb developer to get on top of this and Windows 11 UI start sacrilege will come to an end.

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I watched the event live, I was so disappointed.
It was full of faux sob stories and nothing else.

Did anyone notice they did not want show explorer at all? Ever the 3 post event promo videos they released, none of them showed explorer. How did they think this was okay?
I will be like @lxp from now on lol.

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They keep saying they're about to add tabs to File Explorer, some screenshots or a preview build leak, and then the feature gets removed again, repeat every 6 months or so. It's quite odd. How hard can it be, and what else are they spending their time doing?

It feels like the OS must be worked on by a tiny team that's spread very thin these days, despite being used by such a large number of people and worth so much revenue.

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I mean....You should not be too upset. Windows not having tabs natively = More DO sales :smiley:

I have not used File Explorer since I installed DO anyway