Windows 11: Dual lister is shown in taskbar like 2 instances (mistake)

I recognized a different behavior between Windows 10 and 11 today.

I use Opus in dual lister view.
Windows 10: Taskbar shows only one icon (so you can easily maximize and minimze via taskbar)
Windows 11: Taskbar shows two icons in a group (so you have to choose on side of the lister to maximize Opus)

At the moment I do not know which behavior is better, but e.g. for browsers I deactivated this "see all tabs separately in the taskbar".

Is this change intended and is there a setting to change it?

Opus doesn't have a feature like that. The two thumbnails in your screenshot aren't identical (the left-hand file display differs) so I would guess that you simply have two separate Listers open.

AHHHH. Sorry. :rofl: :crazy_face:
I was not aware that there is a second lister, because the directories shown in the taskbar were also the folders I had opened in one lister for a certain time. But as visible in the picture it was not the case later...

So I had the impression that there is a new function. Perhaps someone else ask now if you can add such a function... :wink: :smiley:

Monday evening... :wink:
You can delete the topic if you want to.