Windows 11 File History Files/Properties Previous Versions Tab

I use File History to keep copies of a file. With Opus 13 right click on file move to properties then the Previous Versions tab, there are no previous versions listed. This does function under Windows explorer.
Not life or death just mentioning.

Opus has no control over the Properties dialog, which comes from Windows. All Opus does is ask Windows to open it.

Presumably those tabs don't work anywhere else that can show a Properties dialog either, except in File Explorer?

Notepad++ File/Open dialog box does respond with previous versions list, but Foxit PDF does not. Interesting but again not critical for me.

Could be it only works for processes that are in the Windows folder, or signed by Microsoft. We've seen Microsoft do that kind of nonsense before.

Going over some old threads at the moment, and found this one.

I was wrong above, and the File History / Previous Versions tab should now work in Opus 13.

It turned out we were blocking one of the involved components, which we had also done in Opus 12, to prevent an issue with its context menu. What changed in Opus 13 is that the way we block shell extensions is now done at a lower level, which meant it was affecting more than just the context menu. We've since fixed that, once we worked out what was going on.

Sorry for my incorrect info earlier in the thread.