Windows 11, text and image associated with drag & drop file

Dear Dopus, when I drag & drop a file from Directory Opus (e.g., a Word document to Word, in order to open the file) the image and text associated with the drag & drop item as it moves are small, but OK. If, however, I use Windows File Explorer and drag & drop from that, then the image and text are much bigger - too big for my taste but there is nothing obviously wrong. Here is the problem: if I then go back to Directory Opus and do a drag & drop again, the image and text (small again) are mispositioned and the text is almost blacked out on a dark background. Basically the appearance is completely mangled. I have to re-start the computer to get back to what I described at the start of this message. Is there some incompatibility between Explorer and Directory Opus? Is there a fix? I am using version 12.31 x64.
Thank you,
Simon C.

We haven't been able to reproduce this here, and I don't think we've received any similar reports. It would be worth checking that your graphics drivers are up-to-date as it sounds more like a GPU driver issue than anything else.

I have seen these weird effects (icons either small and black or comically huge), but for me, they were only cosmetic issues. I never needed to reboot etc. My impression was these silly animations in Win11 were the cause.