Windows 7/DO: Sometimes search doesn't work


since I'm working with Windows 7 I have sometimes the problem that searching (e. g. with DO via Find Files, but not restricted to DO) doesn't work. I'm sure that's an OS related issue. After starting the search, nothing happens. It's possible that after some tries searching is possible again, but that's not sure. Of course a really nasty problem. I'm just reindexing all my files, but that will last some hours. Any hints?

Many thanks and greetings

If Tools -> Find Files isn't working, can you show us how the Find panel is configured, and the results (unless they're completely empty), as well as some example files that you think should have been found but weren't?

Are we definitely talking about Tools -> Find Files (which doesn't use Windows Search), and not the search field at the top-right (which does depend on Windows Search)?

When you say it's system wide, what do you mean exactly? Is it just a problem with find/search in various programs, or are things failing to read directory listings for parts of your machine, or something else?