Windows 7 Favourites in folder tree


Is it possible to have DO show the favourites in the folder trees like Windows 7 does? If possible, at the top of the folder tree and using the favourites from Windows 7 and NOT having to recreate them all.

I searched the forum but could not see anything on this.

Thank you!

you can import favorites from Windows to Opus. In Prefs, Favorites category, right clic on 1st item and choose "Import favorites". After you can display Do's Favorites in tree.

When importing the favorites on Windows 7, note that you should select the Links folder. (The Favorites folder is selected by default.)

Yes, but it seems that DO puts the Favorites at the bottom, rather than at the top as with Win7. Can't seem to find an option to show it at top as with Win7.

I don't think there is an option to put the favorites at the top but you could request it.