Windows 7 keeps forgetting my .jpg file association

Hi. Directory Opus 11, latest version. I use it on two PCs. On my desktop PC, it's fine. On my laptop, the file association for .jpg images (and presumably others) is never retained. I am allowed to select my program of preference (Faststone Image viewer), and it opens the image the first time, but if you then close the image and double-click another image in a directory, it defaults back to the default Microsoft image viewer.

Driving me crazy. On 64 bit Windows on both machines, all up to date.


Is this just in Opus, or in Explorer as well?

How are you making the change?

Good question leo - previously I only did it in Opus. I just launched Windows Explorer and did it before, and it now seems to be persisting. Thanks man.

Sorry, that should have said, "launched Windows Explorer and did it there".