Windows 7 Launching Saved Layout From Pinned Shortcut

In the old days with XP, I had DOPUS opening from the task bar with a saved layout using dopusrt. The shortcut no longer works, so how do I accomplish the same thing. I tried copying a button, which created a *.dcf shortcut, but there is no way to place that on the taskbar.

You can only pin programs to the Windows 7 taskbar, not documents and data files.

To get what you had in XP again, you could turn on the quicklaunch bar. It's still there in Windows 7, just somewhat hidden and a little ugly due to the inconsistent icon padding/alignment.

Or you could use the tray icon, or desktop right-click menu, which can both show menu of layouts (as well as launch a particular layout when double-clicked, if you want).

Being able to put layouts on jumplists (that you get to from right-clicking the main Opus taskbar icon) should be coming in a future version but isn't there yet.