Windows 7 statusbar


I'm having trouble locating the ability to view video details in the status bar. I'm used to using explorer to show info such as video resolution, duration and bit rate. Opus, however, doesn't seem to have this capability. I'm still very, new to Opus and there's a lot to learn. Is this option even available in Opus? I've really been looking for this capability. Better yet is there a way to get the Windows 7 status bar instead on the tiny status bar that defaults in Opus? I'd really appreciate the assistance.

You can display those details in filedisplay columns (the columns are in the Movies category) or within the tooltip for each file (which should be set up by default).

Total and selected video duration can be displayed in the status bar, but not bitrate or resolution. (Easiest way to get the duration displayed is to go to Preferences / Display / Status Bar and select one of the Icons, graph, playtime, colors samples.)

Also note that Opus has more support for extracting this data from AVI and WMV files than other formats, at present.