Windows 8.1 preferences wont save

Okay I have just installed win8.1 so thought I would give DOpus a whirl on it. All looks good and appears to be working fine. While trying to over-clock a few failed at times and each time this happened the preferences I had had changed were gone back to the defaults. I turned off the hibernation which turns off the fast shutdown/startup and then each time I rebooted or powered up the preferences reverted back.

I finally worked out what I think is going on. When I close Dopus it usually goes to the notification area for a quick restart. I don't fully exit the program When the computer shuts down it does not appear that Dopus is saving it's state just before it gets closed down by the O/S. To test this I closed down DOpus by going File/Exit and exiting properly. Now it has saved up to that point and my preferences saved up till then stay put. However the last listers that I have opened also revert back to that point when I restart even though the preferences have it set to open on what I had last open.

Any way to fix this except to make sure I File/Exit each time?

That sounds like a problem with the machine which you'd want to fix, since it's either not giving processes a chance to shut down and save their settings, or it is somehow throwing away changes written to disk late in the shutdown process. Both could cause other problems and are worth fixing.

I'd look in Event Viewer to see if it has any errors occuring during shutdown. They may give hints as to what's going wrong.

(I'm assuming all the drivers etc. are already up to date as it's a new machine/build.)

Yes it is a new build and has all the latest drivers installed. All updates to win8.1 as well.

Can't see anything in any of the event files that show that machine did not shut down properly except on two occasions when I had to force a shutdown due to overclock failure. I have been trying everything at stock speed for the CPU until I get all the software stable.

One thing I did was change from a email login to a local login. My user files are still in the original folder that the email login made. The pointers all seem to indicate it is pointing to the right place and certainly no other software seems to be having issues but am assuming not many of them try and save data before they close down.

Any way to tell if the write is failing somehow?

I mean I do have a work around now that I know what the issue is but it would be nice to have it correct.

Well not sure why but it is suddenly working okay now. New tabs I open reopen after a shutdown. There were no errors in the event logs except for the asus fan utility failing to start on start-up. :thumbsup: