Windows 8.1 Search menu broken by do context menu

If I open my search charm in windows 8.1 x64 and search for a file, then right click on the file, metro/explorer will lock up for a minute or so and then crash and restart. Using shexview from nirsoft I've isolated it down to the Directory Opus Context Menu entries in the attached screenshot. When I disable those, the right click pulls up the appropriate menus. I'm using DO 11.1.5177 x64. I have tested this on another pc with the same result.

I also have wind 8.1 installed and can confirm that this happens (right clicking locks up explore.exe). I didn't look in to the cause though.

Confirmed. It's triggered by the Opus archives context menu, which you can disable under Preferences / Zip & Other Archives / Archive Context Menu to avoid disabling the whole shell extension.

We're looking into the underlying cause.

Note also that it only happens when right-clicking files in the Metro search UI. Right-clicking search results in an Explorer window doesn't cause a problem, at least for me:

In fact, it looks like you can leave everything under Preferences / Zip & Other Archives / Archive Context Menu enabled, except for the two options in the Extract category, and the Add single folders... option just below them.

We'll have a fix* for this in the next update.

(*Technically a workaround, since it turned out to be a bug in Windows 8.1 rather than Opus in the end.)

Thanks Leo. I'll check it out when I get the update.